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  • Executive Luggage Tags - for when you're always on the go.
  • TagFinderApp helped locate Mindy's backpack

The TagFinderApp Smart Tags

If Found Go-Mobile Instant Message Me On My Smart phone Anywhere In The world!

TagFinderApp, Smart tags and the free If Found - Instant Message Me Go-mobile Service network is remarkable and offers incredible value to those that have our smart tags attached to their travel luggage, car keys, pets or anything else you want back, should you ever lose it or unintentionally leave it behind somewhere! As you can probably deduce, RFID (which has very little range) and/or GPS (which is battery reliant, along with other issues) have limited value for the user compared to what our mobile technology and capability offers;

If you ever lose it, anyone anywhere in the world in real-time can now Instant Message You by entering your smart code through TagFinderApp.com (Message Tagger) to send you an anonymous instant private message right to your smart phone!

What makes this new TagFinderApp & Tags so cool? It’s so easy to use for any FINDER to connect with you via our free Go-Mobile Instant Messaging Service that comes with your App & tag set!

Whoever finds your travel luggage, car keys or anything else, they simply go to TagFinderApp.com on any smart phone/mobile device or computer and enter your smart code from the back of you smart tag. Once entered, it gives them instant access to send you a private anonymous instant message through our free If Found - Instant Message Me Go-mobile Free worldwide Services Network.

Instantly, our network sends a push notification straight to your smart phone screen; TagFinderApp.com (“You have received a message.”), so you can reply in real-time to get it back.

If you don't read your push notification messages after 5 minutes, the network will automatically send you another push notification, this time straight to your registered e-mail as a reminder!

Stay connected to your;

  • laptop case, carry-on bag, travel luggage while traveling anywhere in the world
  • personal car key/fob, wallet or purse
  • kid's school knapsacks, hockey equipment, ski jackets/travel pack, student laptop bags are a no brainer for young adults just in case
  • And never forgetting our best friends for the smart pet owner

As everything lost is found by someone!

How To Activate your Smart Tags;

To activate your smart tag(s), you simply go to TagFinderApp.com on any smart phone, computer or mobile device and enter your smart code(s) from the back of your smart tag(s). Once activated, you’re good to go with worldwide coverage use of our free If Found - Instant Message Me Go-mobile Service Network, driven by our free IOS App, Mobile Web App, and TagFinderApp.com website for non-smart phone users!

Please remember there is no hidden costs, no membership, and certainly no monthly or annual fees ever for our If Found - Instant Message Me Go-mobile Service Network or our IOS App at the App Store/Mobile Web App/TagFinderApp.com website for non-smart phone users!!

If you noticed, one of our camouflage tag sets is the Canadian Forces Intellectual Property CADPAT design. We are under license with DND (Department of National Defence).

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